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PGSharp APK: The Best Way to Spoof Your Location and Catch Rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Spoofer APK Download: How to Fake Your Location and Catch More Pokemon

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular and addictive mobile games ever created. It allows you to explore the real world and catch virtual creatures called pokemon. However, not everyone can access all the features and locations of the game due to various reasons. That's why some players use a spoofer app to fake their location and enjoy the game to the fullest. In this article, we will show you how to download and use PGSharp, a free and easy-to-use spoofer app for Pokemon Go that does not require rooting your device.

What is Pokemon Go and why do you need a spoofer?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that lets you catch virtual creatures in the real world

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. It was released in 2016 and became an instant hit. The game uses your device's GPS and camera to overlay pokemon on your surroundings. You can see them on your screen as if they were really there. You can also interact with them by throwing pokeballs to catch them, feeding them berries, battling them in gyms or raids, trading them with other players, or evolving them into stronger forms.

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A spoofer is a tool that lets you change your location in the game without moving physically

A spoofer is an app or software that modifies your device's GPS signal to make it appear that you are somewhere else. This way, you can access different areas and regions in the game that are normally out of your reach. For example, you can catch pokemon that are exclusive to certain countries or continents, visit pokestops and gyms that are far away from your home, or join raids that are happening in other time zones.

Benefits of using a spoofer: catch more and rare pokemon, visit more pokestops and gyms, avoid crowds and dangers

Using a spoofer can enhance your gaming experience in many ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can catch more and rare pokemon that you would otherwise miss. For example, you can catch regional pokemon like Kangaskhan in Australia, Mr. Mime in Europe, Tauros in North America, or Heracross in South America. You can also catch legendary pokemon like Mewtwo, Lugia, or Rayquaza in raids.

  • You can visit more pokestops and gyms that give you free items and rewards. For example, you can spin pokestops that give you pokeballs, potions, eggs, or gifts. You can also battle or defend gyms that give you coins, badges, or items.

  • You can avoid crowds and dangers that may hinder your gameplay. For example, you can play from the comfort of your home without having to go outside in bad weather or in dangerous areas. You can also avoid other players that may interfere with your gameplay or spoil your fun.

What is PGSharp and how does it work?

PGSharp is a popular and free spoofer app for Pokemon Go that does not require rooting your device

PGSharp is a spoofer app that is designed specifically for Pokemon Go. It is based on the official Pokemon Go app, but with some modifications and enhancements that allow you to spoof your location and access other features. Unlike other spoofer apps, PGSharp does not require you to root your device or install any third-party software. You can simply download the APK file from their website and install it on your device. However, you will need to register for a free account and get a license key to activate the app.

Features of PGSharp: joystick, auto walk, teleport, favorites, enhanced throw, encounter/inventory IV, caught preview, 100 IV feeds, nearby radar

PGSharp has many features that make spoofing easier and more fun. Here are some of them:

  • Joystick: You can use a virtual joystick on your screen to move around in the game. You can also adjust the speed and direction of your movement.

  • Auto walk: You can set a route or a destination and let the app walk for you automatically. This is useful for hatching eggs, earning candies, or completing tasks.

  • Teleport: You can instantly jump to any location in the world by entering the coordinates or searching for a place name. You can also save your favorite locations for quick access.

  • Favorites: You can mark any pokemon as your favorite and filter them by name, type, or IV. You can also see their stats and movesets.

  • Enhanced throw: You can increase your chances of catching pokemon by using an enhanced throw feature. It allows you to throw curveballs, great balls, ultra balls, or master balls with perfect accuracy and timing.

  • Encounter/inventory IV: You can see the IV (individual values) of any pokemon you encounter or have in your inventory. IV are hidden stats that affect the pokemon's performance in battles.

  • Caught preview: You can see a preview of the pokemon you caught before confirming it. You can also see its CP (combat power), IV, moveset, and location.

  • 100 IV feeds: You can get notifications of nearby pokemon that have 100% IV. These are rare and powerful pokemon that are worth catching.

  • Nearby radar: You can see a radar that shows you the distance and direction of nearby pokemon. You can also filter them by name, type, or IV.

How to download and install PGSharp on your Android device

To download and install PGSharp on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of PGSharp at .

  • Register for a free account and get a license key. You will need this key to activate the app later.

  • Download the APK file of PGSharp from the website or from the link they send you via email.

  • Enable unknown sources on your device settings to allow installation of apps from outside the Google Play Store.

  • Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to install it.

  • Launch the app and enter your license key when prompted.

  • Grant the app permission to access your device's location, storage, and camera.

  • Enjoy spoofing with PGSharp!

What are the risks and precautions of using a spoofer?

Risks of using a spoofer: violating the game's terms of service, getting detected and banned by Niantic, losing your progress and account

Using a spoofer is not without risks. Here are some of the potential consequences:

  • You are violating the game's terms of service, which prohibit cheating, hacking, or modifying the game in any way. This may result in legal action from Niantic or Nintendo.

  • You are risking getting detected and banned by Niantic's anti-cheat system, which monitors your activity and behavior in the game. If you are caught spoofing, you may receive a warning, a suspension, or a permanent ban from the game.

  • You are risking losing your progress and account, which may contain valuable items, pokemon, coins, or achievements. If you are banned from the game, you will not be able to access or recover your account or restore your data.

Precautions of using a spoofer: use a secondary account, avoid jumping too far or too fast, respect the cooldown time, follow the game's updates

To minimize the risks of using a spoofer, you should follow some precautions and best practices. Here are some of them:

  • Use a secondary account for spoofing, and keep your main account for playing legitimately. This way, you can avoid losing your main account if you get banned.

  • Avoid jumping too far or too fast between locations, as this may trigger Niantic's anti-cheat system. Use realistic distances and speeds, and follow the natural routes and roads.

  • Respect the cooldown time between actions, which is the time it takes to travel from one location to another. If you perform an action too soon after teleporting, you may get a soft ban, which prevents you from catching pokemon or spinning pokestops for a while.

  • Follow the game's updates and patches, and make sure you are using the latest version of PGSharp. If you use an outdated version, you may encounter errors or glitches, or expose yourself to detection and ban.


Pokemon Go is a fun and immersive game that lets you catch virtual creatures in the real world. However, not everyone can enjoy the game to the fullest due to various limitations and restrictions. That's why some players use a spoofer app to fake their location and access more features and locations in the game. PGSharp is one of the best spoofer apps for Pokemon Go that is free and easy to use. It does not require rooting your device, and it has many features that enhance your spoofing experience. However, using a spoofer also comes with risks and consequences, such as violating the game's terms of service, getting detected and banned by Niantic, or losing your progress and account. Therefore, you should use a spoofer with caution and discretion, and follow some precautions and best practices to avoid getting caught or banned. If you want to try PGSharp and spoof your location in Pokemon Go, you can download it from their website at . Happy spoofing!

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