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Jack Davis
Jack Davis

Solo Leveling: ARISE - Everything You Need to Know About the Mobile and PC Cross-Play Action RPG

In theory, the setup process for the Backbone One mobile controller should be incredibly simple - it's a plug and play device, so you should be able to attach it to your phone and start playing straightaway. You'll be prompted to download the Backbone app, but other than that there shouldn't be much in the way of faff.

download solo leveling arise mobile


And finally, we wanted to test out some native mobile games (as opposed to game-streaming experiences that rely on the internet), so we loaded up Apple Arcade and downloaded a few choice titles: the fun Mario Kart clone Warped Kart Racing, the tricksy platformer Floor Is Lava, the kid-friendly LEGO Star Wars: Castaways, the ever-beautiful Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and 2K's dedicated NBA 2K23: Apple Arcade Edition.


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