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10 : Greatest Loser

Twenty-one hopeful contestants competed in seven different cities across the country to enter the competition. Visits to each city featured three contestants who competed for two spots on the ranch. The two victors would form a team, while the loser would not go to the ranch. Similar to season nine, the weigh-ins took place at the contest in front of friends, family and fans of the show.

10 : Greatest Loser

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The contestants arrive at the ranch, and are surprised to discover that Bob and Jillian were each allowed to select one of the losers of the contests to come on the ranch and be the Yellow Team. Bob picks Aaron, who showed a lot of heart and insisted on finishing his 500 steps, even after he had lost. Jillian picks Elizabeth, who had an asthma attack while competing in the challenge and passed out. Jillian was impressed with Elizabeth's devotion to exercise. They are told that even though they are all wearing team colors, they will actually be competing individually The teams then begin their first workout. They begin impressively, running to the gym and smiling initially during the workout. It then becomes very tough and soon they are all vomiting and miserable. Rick passes out and spends most of the workout lying on the floor. Then Jillian and Bob take them to the kitchen and advise them on healthy foods. They all visit Dr. Huizenga, who tells them how sick they are. Then, they are all surprised by a weigh in, which is held in the first hour of the show, breaking normal patterns. This time, eight people will be below the yellow line, and eight above. All eight who are below will be subjected to a challenge, involving sprinting a short distance to a flag. The winner must grab the flag. The winner is safe. Then the losers race again, repeating the procedure, until there are only two left. Those two will be up for elimination. Alison announces that it has been two weeks since the contestants were first weighed in at home (unlike usual practice where contestants are weighed in after one week), so big weight losses are expected (5 contestants lost 30+ lbs and 1 contestant lost 41 lbs, the most contestants to lose more than 30 lbs the first weigh-in). The results of the weigh-in are that 7 of the 8 men are above the yellow line, and seven of the eight women are below the yellow line. The Week's Biggest Loser (who, this week, is Rick), gets to "save" one of the people below the yellow line, and he picks Patrick, the only man, meaning that Patrick does not have to compete in the elimination challenge. The women then race, with Burgandy and Jessica getting into a heated argument. Burgandy accuses Jessica of deliberately elbowing into her lane and blocking her, and Jessica vehemently insists it was an accident. After all of the races are run, the youngest contestant (Allie) and the oldest contestant (Tina), are left for the vote. Dr. Huizenga had previously told Allie that due to her gastric band procedure, she lost a lot of muscle as well as fat, and then when she got fat again, she gained only fat, not muscle. This meant that she had the largest percentage of body fat of anyone there. At the vote, Allie is voted off.

At the weigh-in, Patrick loses 10, making him the 3rd person to lose 100+ pounds and the biggest loser of the week. Elizabeth loses 5, putting her in the 100s and gets quite emotional. Brendan loses 7. Ada loses 5. Mark loses 10. Lisa does not lose any weight, putting her under the yellow line. Frado shocks everyone and only loses 4 pounds. This puts him under the yellow line with Lisa. At the elimination, Frado's alliances help him stay on campus; Brendan, Elizabeth and Mark all voted for Lisa and send her home.Lisa's family and friends throw her a party on her return, which Allie (eliminated in Week 1) is shown to be at. At home, Lisa is paying it forward to Blythe, another overweight woman in her community. She has lost 89 pounds.

"TBL" fans can find moreabout "The Biggest Loser" on NBC's official show site: -biggest-loser/.For the latest 'The Biggest Loser" news, videos and photos, fans can "Like""TBL" on Facebook and follow along on Twitter:

The Dow's third-biggest loser was the stock of Intel. This one worried Cramer, not only because Intel has a number of positive drivers, but because its decline could mean there's something amiss with the semiconductor stocks.

To measure fortunes for this article, Forbes assessed the changes in the net worths of 2,660 billionaires between December 31, 2020 and December 10, 2021. We then calculated the biggest losers in dollar terms, taking into consideration only those with investments in publicly traded companies.

A great professional wrestling feud is often defined by the blow-off. A great blow-off match can do wonders for the stock of one or both wrestlers involved, even if the build-up left something to be desired along the way. There is perhaps no better way to end a feud than with a Loser Leaves Town match, a staple of the territory era. The stipulation is self-explanatory: the loser of the match must leave the territory, or in modern terms, brand or company.

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Kevin Sullivan stand out as two of the very best babyface and heel character performers of the territory era, specifically down south in Dr. Eddie Graham's Championship Wrestling from Florida. Rhodes had the uncanny ability to make fans believe in the special connection he shared with them through his words and actions, while Sullivan happily steered into religion as the driving force behind his heel persona, namely the "Satanic Panic." Rhodes and Sullivan feuded for the better part of three years in the Florida territory over superiority with both men trading wins. When the tension reached the apparent point of no return in late 1982, the two would be booked in a Lights Out Steel Cage match with the loser having to leave the territory for 60 days.

Randy Savage, one of the hottest young talents coming up through the territories, signed with the WWF in June 1985. His exit from the Memphis territory happened at a timely point in his feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Savage initially turned face to aid Lawler in his battle against Jimmy Hart's First Family Alliance, but soon turned on "The King" in an attempt to regain the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship from one of his biggest rivals in the territory. Special stipulations were nothing new to either man, who once faced one another in a title vs. title match the year prior where the loser also received 10 lashes for their troubles.

One of the game's greatest goalkeepers, Buffon has 23 titles from his illustrious career with Parma, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and has three more with Italy across underage levels and the first team.

The Royal Rumble is the greatest gimmick match ever invented. 30 wrestlers enter one at a time for the chance to have a world title shot at Wrestlemania. Winners have gone on to be some of the biggest names in the business.

Mick Foley is one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time and for good reason. Not just the greatest hardcore wrestler ever, Foley also created 3 different personas that became instantly popular and have stood the test of time. And in 1998, the WWE universe got a taste of all of them.

Chris Jericho is easily one of the greatest wrestlers of the past 2 decades, having won the Intercontinental Championship a record nine times and been a world champion six times. Not only that, but Jericho is probably the greatest wrestler to never win a Royal Rumble. While there have been many impressive rumble performances by Y2J (check out 2017 and 2013), the most impressive outing was in 2003.

The match started off with Shawn Michaels, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and winner of 2 Royal Rumble events in a row. The crowd was immediately hot. Then came Chris Jericho. And he just beat him senseless. It was brutal. There was a chair shot. There was blood. It was unbelievable. Jericho then eliminated Michaels after only two and a half minutes.

This one is another heartbreaker. Davey Boy Smith is probably the greatest runner-up in all of wrestling. He had almost won the WWF Championship numerous times. He had almost won the World Heavyweight Championship numerous times. And he almost won the Royal Rumble in 1995.

In this popular NBC reality series, two teams of overweight contestants compete to transform not only their bodies, but their lives. One lucky "loser" -- the contestant who makes the biggest strides toward that transformation -- comes away with $250,000.

Perhaps the theme that recurs the most throughout the video presentation is redemption. Many of these moments involve contestants fighting through and coming back because while everyone is technically competing to win the grand prize, they're also all competing to change their lives. There is more value to finishing in second place on The Biggest Loser than on almost any other reality competition. It's not all about the money. It's about the chance to get to stay and work with the trainers and fellow cast members every single day on shedding pounds and achieving something wonderful and healthy. In the end, that will probably be the show's greatest legacy.

We have to wonder: Is time running out for Big Tech voice assistants? Everyone seems to be struggling with them. Google expressed basically identical problems with the Google Assistant business model last month. There's an inability to monetize the simple voice commands most consumers actually want to make, and all of Google's attempts to monetize assistants with display ads and company partnerships haven't worked. With the product sucking up server time and being a big money loser, Google responded just like Amazon by cutting resources to the division. 041b061a72


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